idraulic presses

Hydraulic presses are suitable for deep-drawing operations.

Depending on the customer’s specific requirements and needs, we can produce hydraulic presses with either C-frame or double sided structure up to 500 tons of thrust.

The hydraulic presses are available with the following equipment

  • Siemens plc
  • programmable variable speed
  • oil cooling system
  • slide force adjustment
  • fully programmable blankholder cushion
  • protections with interlocked sliding panels or optoelectronic barriers
  • slide holding device insertable in all positions
  • hydraulic clamps for mould fixing
  • shelves and sliding bars for quick mould changes
  • damping device for blanking operations
  • single or double moving bolster

All Omet presses are designed and manufactured with widely dimensioned structures and components and subjected to all appropriate heat treatments.